Begins in 2018! The most convenient way to get to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and Motobu.

[Things to enjoy in the northern area and the west coast by Okinawa Airport Shuttle—airport express bus]

Okinawa Airport Shuttle became more convenient by adding new bus stop at Michi-no-Eki “Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba”— Let’s head to water-washed Cape Maeda from Michi-no-Eki!!

As it was mentioned in the last article (, Okinawa Airport Shuttle has renewed its schedules and service route, and became even more convenient to travel!

With the new convenient Okinawa Airport Shuttle, Michi-no-Eki “Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba” has become the new gateway of the west coast resorts.

From the previous article, Umi the editor has been introducing delicious things from this new bus stop.

What is that golden thick and creamy thing?!

There is a unique area in the corner of Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba. That is Onna-son seafood direct sales shop called “Hama no Ie”.

Jet-black mozuku was also sold in the shop. Okinawa is the only prefecture where successfully cultivated mozuku in Japan.

Mozuku and squid tempura were also sold too.

Those tempuras definitely will make you say “that looks yummy!” if standing in front of the glass case.

The glass case next to tempura… What do we have here?

What are these golden creamy things??

The answer is uni (sea urchin) sauce!

This uni cause can be bought in the shop too.

Anyways, I tried the mussel with uni sauce and mozuku tempura first.

How was it? I don’t need to tell you. You know the answer!

I left “Hama no Ie” for the time being but lingered wondering what were scallop and lobster with uni sauce would taste like…

I couldn’t stop simulating in my head what food goes well with that uni sauce!

One stomach is just not enough!

This shop is called “A・DA・N” famous for pork and egg onigiri (rice ball) but today I decided to have something I haven’t tried yet.

This shop called “PAO” also has a menu that others don’t.

And that is Mozuku niku-man! (steamed buns with meat filling)

Ika-sumi (squid ink) onigiri is from “A・DA・N”, and shekwasha juice and mozuku niku-man are from “PAO”.

Unquestionably, mozuku was inside!!!

Everything was so delicious that I was wolfing down my food.

Have you ever regret thinking “ahh… I should’ve tasted it slowly!” after finishing your food?

Precisely, I thought of that!

Having said that, my stomach was too full to continue eating so food report finishes here.

Cape Maeda is the entrance to the blue cave!?

By adding a bus stop at “Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba”, many places became convenient to access.

“Cape Maeda” is one of them.

From the public bus stop, it takes about 20 minutes by foot. Some people might think a little far so I recommend you to take a taxi to go there. It’s only about 5 minutes by car from “Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba”.

I went by rental car. There is a large parking area so no need to worry if going by car.

Facility Management Office that contains a variety of shops such as restaurants and swimming/diving equipment.

There is also a building that has restrooms, coin-lockers (100 yen) and showers.

A pavilion on the east side of the Cape is set up with binoculars (100 yen). According to the Cape Maeda website, between February to March you might get to see humpback whales swimming offshore from this pavilion!

Across the sea, you can see Motobu area.

In fact, the famous diving spot “Blue Cave” is near here. You can also go down to the ocean from this cape. This is why showers are built for the visitors.

There is also a path that allow visitors to walk around the cape.

The tip of Cape Maeda is a varied terrain.

Rocks of Cape Maeda are elevated coral reefs. You can see the parts near the water surface is eroded. The blue cave was also created by erosion.

Because the waves were rough on this day, I was able to enjoy the powerful scenery.

You’ll never get tired of changeful view of the ocean.

※The content of this article is written at the end of December 2018. It is subject to change without notice.



Okinawa Airport Shuttle
An express bus that connects Naha Airport and Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium as short as in 2 hours.
Going from Naha Airport to Nago Shiyakusho Mae (Nago City Hall) takes about 1 hour 20 minutes using this express bus.

◇Access to Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba
Take Okinawa Airport Shuttle and get off at “Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba Mae” bus stop. (Takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from Naha Airport International Terminal)

Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba

Cape Maeda
About 5 minutes by car from Onna-no-eki Nakayukui Ichiba.

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