Questions about riding the bus

Will the bus arrive at its destination on time?
The bus may be late due to traffic, so please plan extra time when using the bus.
Check here for bus location information.
If my plane is late, will the bus wait?
Okinawa Airport Shuttle does not run based on airplane arrival times, so as a basic rule it departs at its scheduled time.
If you do not make it to your desired bus on time, you can take the next bus or use other transportation.
I couldn’t make it to my bus in time. Am I allowed to get on the next bus?
Yes, you can get on the next bus as long as there are seats available. Please let the driver know your situation and the name the reservation is under.
If the bus is late and I miss my flight, will the bus cover and of the costs?
We are not liable for any damages caused by delay, unless it was caused intentionally or by negligence on our part.
Traffic in Naha should be expected during commuting times, so please consider using the monorail (Yuirail) during those times.
Where can I buy a ticket?
You can make a reservation on our website for tickets. Visit the purchase page to reserve or purchase tickts.
If there are open seats, you may also purchase tickets at a bus stop on the day of travel.
Will you transport surfboards?
We will transport surfboards 2 meters long or less.
Will you transport bicycles?
We will only transport bicycles when they are stored in a bag or case, within our size limits, and the owner agrees we are not liable for any damages.
For information on the allowable size for baggage, please check the guidance for carry-on baggage.
Is there a bathroom on board?
There is no bathroom on the bus. However, the bus will stop for a 10-minute break at Nabee Beach going in both directions.
※ Please note that Rapid Express services will not have any bathroom break.
Can my pet ride with me?
For details on riding with pets, please check the "Information for Passengers with Pets."
Can I use an IC card?
From Feb. 1,2024, Credit Cards, Electronic Money, 2D code payment are accepted as a payment method of boarding on the day.Click here for details
What ages are eligible for the childrens' fare?
Children who have not yet entered junior high school are eligible for the childrens' fare.
I forgot something on the bus. Who should I contact?
Contact Okinawa Airport Shuttle via e-mail or using the inquiry form.

Questions about online reservations

Can I make a reservation via e-mail or by phone?
We do not take reservations by e-mail or phone.
You may make reservations using the online system or you can purchase tickets on the day of travel.
Can I make a reservation for someone else?
A proxy can make a reservation on behalf of the passenger.
When making the reservation, the proxy should put the name of the passenger or the representative of the group in the "representative" box.
How do I make round trip reservations?
You must make two one-way reservations.
How many people can I include on one reservation?
It depends on how many seats are available, but it's possible to reserve for 10 adults and 10 children.
How do a make a reservation for a child (6 years or younger)?
If the child (6 years or younger) will remain on the guardian's lap, there is no need for a reservation. However, if the child requires a seat, make a reservation under the childrens' fare.
How far in advance can I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation up to 30 days in advance.
Can I make same-day reservations?
No. Reservations must be made by 17:00 the day prior.
Can I choose my seat?
No. Seats are available first come, first served.
After I make a reservation, how do I board the bus?
Give the representative name to the bus driver when boarding.
To be safe, please print and carry the reservation confirmation e-mail you received after making the reservation.
How do I pay when making an online reservation?
Only credit cards are accepted for reservations.
We accept most major credit cards, including JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club.
I don't have a credit card. Can I make a reservation?
No. A valid credit card is required to make a reservation.
Can I use another person's credit card?
Yes. Input the credit card information into the payment box.
What is a credit card security code?
It is the three numerical digits located in the signature block on the back of the card.
(For American Express it is four digits on the front.)
It says I cannot use the credit card. What should I do?
Reconfirm the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and usage limits.
When will I be charged?
You will be charged as soon as the reservation is complete.
The payment due date differs by company, so please check with your credit card company.
I completed my reservation. Can I change my card?
The purchase is finalized once the reservation is complete, so you cannot change the card.
If you would like to change your purchase, please cancel your original reservation and make a new one. Cancellation fee applies.
The price on the website changed since I made my reservation. What will happen to my reservation?
Prices may vary due to campaigns or sales. The amount you were charged when you made the reservation will not change.
Is it necessary to register to make an online reservation?
You do not have to register to make a reservation.
You may make a guest reservation. However, guest reservations cannot by reconfirmed or canceled online, so we recommend registering.
What does it mean to register?
When making a reservation, you must choose "Register as a member and make a reservation" or "Make a reservation without becoming a member."
If you choose to become a member, your information (name, e-mail address, etc.) will be saved on our system.
Is there a cost to registering?
There are no costs. No registration, website, or annual fees.
What happens if I register?
・The next time you make a reservation, you will not have to input your name or e-mail address, making the process easier.
・You can confirm the details of your reservation anytime.
・You can see your past reservations.
・You can change your information.
Can I change my registration information?
Yes. Go to "My Page" to change your information.
Even though I type my password, I cannot log in.
Please look at the "I forgot my password" page.
I haven't received the password reset e-mail.
If the e-mail for resetting your password does not arrive, it could be for the following reasons.
・You are not registered.( Guest reservations are not registered.)
・The input e-mail address was incorrect.
・The e-mail was sent but it was sent to the junk or trash folder.
・E-mail delivery is delayed due to internet provider's connection issues.
・If the above information does not solve the problem, contact us using the inquiry form.
Can I change my password?
You can change your password on the My Page screen.
I want to deregister.
You can deregister on the My Page screen.
Can I cancel online?
If you are registered, you can cancel on the My Page screen. However, guests are not able to cancel online.
I made a reservation as a guest. How do I cancel?
Use the inquiry form and include the reservation number, name, bus date, and bus number.
Is there a cancellation fee?
There will be a modification/cancellation fee of 100 yen (with tax) per person for each block.
No refund for modification/cancellation made 2 hours prior to departure or for no-show.
Can I change my reservation?
You cannot make changes. You must cancel the reservation and make a new one.
There will be a reservation modification fee of 100 yen (with tax) per person for each block.
Can I cancel or make changes over the phone?
You cannot make changes or cancel over the phone. If you are a member, cancel the reservation on My Page.
(You must cancel the reservation to make changes as well.) For guest reservations, use the inquiry form.
If I cancel after being charged, when and how will I receive the refund?
The total minus the cancellation fee will be refunded to your credit card.
Each credit card company refunds money at different times, so please contact them for more information.
How can I confirm my reservation?
A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Also, if you registered, you can check your reservation on the My Page screen.
I have not received a confirmation e-mail. Did my reservation go through?
If you registered and did not receive a confirmation e-mail, log in to My Page and confirm if the registration was made.
If you cannot find it, or you made the reservation as a guest, contact us using the inquiry form.
Can I get a receipt?
As a basic rule, please check your credit card statement.
However, if needed, we can issue a receipt when you purchase your ticket in cash on the day of travel.
Receipt is also issued if you purchase your ticket(s) from a shop.
If you need a receipt for online purchase, please contact us using the inquiry form.
Who manages the online reservation system?
Okinawa Airport Shuttle, Limited Liability Partnership has outsourced the management of its website's online reservation system to JTB Okinawa.