Important information

Important information

  • The bus may be late due to traffic, so please plan extra time when using the bus.
  • We are not liable for any damages caused by delay, unless it was caused intentionally or by negligence on our part.
  • Fastening seatbelt is mandatory by law. Please fasten seatbelt for your own safety.
  • By law of Japan, our bus can not get on or off anywhere except for the designated places.

To board

1. Board from the front door.

2. Please place your baggage on the rack above your seat or under the seat. Please do not place anything on the aisle, as they will block the walkway of other passengers.

3. Please fasten seatbelt for your own safty.

4. Smoking is prohibited on all buses and at bus stops.

To exit

Watch your step when exiting the bus.
Please retrieve your baggage from the baggage compartment.
We may ask you to pick up your own baggage from the compartment if the driver cannot leave his/her seat.


Items that can be stored in the baggage compartment
Two items per person (i.e., up to 2 suitcases per person). Total weight cannot exceed 30kg and total volume cannot exceed 0.25m³. The maximum length your item is 2m. *Please put your name and contact information on each item as much as possible.
Items that CANNOT be stored in the baggage compartment
"Please do not put the following items in checked baggage: personal belongings (cash, passports, investment securities, precious metals, gems, art) and fragile items (clocks, cameras, laptops, glass, vases).
We are not liable for damaged or lost items."
Items prohibited on the bus
Items prohibited under the General Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business Regulation (e.g., explosives, ignitible items, and flammable items).

Bus etiquette

【As for eating and drinking in the bus】
Eating and drinking on the bus is basically prohibited.
However, it is possible as long as it does not bother other customers, such as drinking water in the plastic bottles.
Priority seats
Priority seats are on the first row on the driver's side.
We ask for your cooperation so that passengers in need of the priority seats will be able to use them.

Passengers with pets.

Small pets that are kept in carrying cages and transported on the owners' lap or under the seat can be transported for free.
Pets that cause a nuisance to other passengers, due to noise, smell or other issues, will not be allowed to ride.
We are unable to transport pets in the baggage compartment. Thank you for your understanding.

Physically disabled passengers

Wheelchair accessibility
The bus is not a non-step bus, so those on wheelchairs cannot board while seated.
Folding wheelchairs will be transported in the baggage compartment.
Please check the size and weight of an electric wheelchair and call ahead of time.
Priority seating
Priority seating (the first two seats behind the driver) is available for injured or physically disabled individuals.
Assistance dogs for the disabled
Seeing-eye, service, and hearing-assistance dogs, as defined in the Act on Assistance Dogs for Physically Disabled Persons, may accompany their owner for free.

Lost items

Checks for lost items are conducted at the end of each one-way route.
Found items will be kept at the office for a certain period of time, so please send inquiries using the form.
When submitting the form, please include the following information.
This helps determine the proper owner, so please include enough detail.
1. Date and route you lost the item
2. Between what stops you lost the item